SPORTSBEAT: Euro talent on display in the county

by Peter Jakey–Managing Editor

We are all in for a great treat next Wednesday at the county volleyball championship tournament when two really good foreign exchange students hit the court in Rogers City.

These two young ladies are Vicky Mosteirin of Spain and Sara Cecconello of Italy.

Ceconella has emerged as one of Posen’s best players, and at this point in this season, leads the team in kills and kill percentage. Ceconella has been an absolute force for the surging Lady Vikings.

Did you see the photo on the front of the sports’ page last week? Look how high off the floor Cecconello is and then look how high her hand is above the net. 

It was pretty impressive and probably the inspiration for this week’s column that these two talented young people should be highlighted. 

“Sara has brought so much intensity and drive,” said Posen head coach Michelle Styma. “Having Sara as a powerful outside hitter has definitely made the other girls come together more and play with more intensity.”

Ceconella, who hails from a town just outside of Venice, has been playing volleyball since she was 10 years old. 

Styma saw the photo taken by Richard Lamb and uses her impressive jumping ability to teach other players in her program.

“Her vertical is very high,” said Styma. “Everything comes up from her legs, which is exactly what assistant coach Chris Shay and I have strived to teach the girls the last two years. You have to drive from your legs all the way through your arms – it’s all one motion. 

Sara Cecconello connects on an attack in Posen’s win over Alcona. (Photo by Richard Lamb)

“Having Sara makes it possible to say, watch what she is doing. They are watching another athlete do it and not just a coach telling them.” Her host parents are Larry and Ann Kuffel.

The Onaway volleyball program welcomed Mosteirin at end of summer. She is staying with Jeremy and Helen Feldkamp.

If there are two words that best describe her they are super consistent. Like her Italian counterpart, she played plenty of volleyball back in her homeland. 

“She had a great night tonight,” said Onaway head coach Steve Watson Tuesday evening on the phone. Mosteirin had 13 kills against Mancelona with a .571 percentage. She only had one error in 21 attacks. 

“She has been one of our two most consistent hitters all season, just hitting at a better percentage than anyone on the team. Her and Lexi Horton have been right there at the top.”

Watson said Mosteirin has all the tools and rarely comes off the floor.

“Unless the game is getting out of hand, she has played every point since August,” said Watson. “She is a skilled player and is still learning. She is only a 10th-grader. It would be nice to have her around for a couple of more years.”

And while she is a really good volleyball player, it’s her personality that most rave about. I got a little taste of it during team photographs back in August. This young lady is very personable. It takes two seconds to realize she is a really good kid.

Vicky Mosteirin, an exchange student from Spain, has played well for Onaway. (Photo by Richard Lamb)

“She is a lot of fun and the other kids really enjoy her,” said Watson. “She has a great, goofy personality and is easy to get along with.”

So, if you are not doing anything next Wednesday and want to see a couple of talented players that are only here for a short time, see you in Rogers City next week.”