Elk-citement appears to be over in RC

by Peter Jakey–Managing Editor

With a little help from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MDNR), the Rogers City elk seems to be on his way to a better place. 

The last sighting Monday had the young bull elk venturing along a power line well outside of Rogers City, according to MDNR conservation officer (CO) Paul Fox.

The CO was compelled to take action last Thursday when crowds started to swell from people wanting a glimpse or pictures of the animal. He had been nestled in between the row of houses along South Lake Street and Lake Huron last Thursday, resting in grass or just strolling around. 

THE ELK who has been vacationing inside the city limits of Rogers City for the past several weeks, enjoyed the sun along the shoreline last week. He drew a steady flow of admirers, eager to get a photo. (Photo by Richard Lamb)

Fox was worried that the elk was going to get scared into downtown Rogers City.

“I had not heard anything about him being in town since I spooked it off the beach last Thursday,” said Fox. “I went down there and shot some firecracker shells at it to push it through the Little League fields to the south, onto Calcite (Carmeuse Americas) property.”

It is an area with lots of fencing around Gilpin Memorial Field, Presque Isle County Airport, the quarry and B

usiness 23.

“It took a little finesse on my part to get it threaded through there but I got it moving,” said Fox. “I got behind him and just pushed it around the ballfields and onto Calcite. Last night (Monday), I saw a picture of it on Facebook that it was outside of Rogers City, which is great. If he could just stay out of the city that would be awesome.”

The Rogers City elk sightings started in the area of Adrian’s Sports Shop a few weeks ago and then continued north of town, before he made his way along the shoreline to South Shore Park. 

The elk created quite a buzz in the community and on the internet where photos were taken by many who saw the great creature.