Council-woman Greene requests recount

by Peter Jakey–

The Rogers City mayor's election, won by Tom Sobeck, is being challenged by opponent Deb Greene in a recount she requested. (Photos by Richard Lamb)

Managing Editor

Rogers City councilwoman Debra K. Greene formally filed a request to recount the results of the mayoral race won by Tom Sobeck, Nov. 5. Sobeck was easily the top vote getter and will take over after the first of the year.

Jerry Wagner was a distant second, and while Greene was three votes behind Wagner, she decided to request a recount because there was a problem with equipment on election night.

“I think that we deserve to see what the final count is because everything was done in a hurry and (a machine) was not functioning correctly,” said Greene. “That’s the main reason.”

Greene, who has served on and off council for 22 years, said the recount does not have anything to do with finding enough votes to win the mayor’s seat.

“That is not the reason,” she added. “I did it because the machines did not function correctly.”

County clerk Ann Marie Main acknowledges there was a problem.

“At the end of the night, after they were done running their end tapes, there was an error with the machine,” said Main. “(Election workers) were able to correct it with the help of a representative of a (election machine) vendor that was here in Rogers City. They re-ran all of the ballots.”

Greene has conceded the election to Sobeck. She s

aid, the recount is “for the record,” said Greene. “It certainly isn’t because I think there are going to be different results.”

Greene has been the city’s mayor pro-tem for several years. She filed the recount request on the final day, Nov. 13.

With hunting season and the long Thanksgiving weekend, Main has been trying to coordinate the best day to conduct the recount with the county board of canvassers. The election was certified, Nov. 7.

The board also has a recount in the recall election in Onaway. Commissioner Jessie Horrocks, who was recalled by one vote, filed the petition.

The cost to petition for a recount is $10; however, the cost to conduct a recount, which ranges between $250 to $300, is charged to the local unit of governme