Eight years ago today…

About 80 minutes after firefighters were on the scene, this is how it looked.


The 125 year-old buildings went quickly as the fire spread from the front to the rear. (Photos by Richard Lamb)
The front page of the Advance from Feb. 2006 showed the beginnings of the fire which would consume the Advance office and Big D's Pizza.

To our readers: Eight years ago today (Feb. 12, 2014) , a landmark was destroyed as the building housing the offices of the Advance went down in flames. Feb. 12, 2006 brought change to the downtown area, and the newspaper operation. I cannot say thank you enough to the people responsible for getting us back on track that day, starting with the brave firefighters, who did the best they could in terribly cold conditions. 

The list of people showing kindness that day, as the town watched our building burn, is very long. Their gifts of money, food and kindness will not be forgotten.

Less than one hour after arriving
, firefighters faced this scene on Feb. 12, 2006 as the Advance and Big D's Pizza burned.

We were able to put out our regular newspaper that week from our temporary offices at J & L Camera and Electronics. And ten months later, thanks to our fine insurance man Richard Kowalski and general contractor Jerry Fleming, we moved into our new offices. Thanks to everyone who helped us keep bringing the local news to the community. —-Richard Lamb, Publisher, Presque Isle County Advance. 

Almost four hours into the fire, firefighters took Advance publisher Richard Lamb inside to salvage anything possible. Miraculously, the billing computer was saved (as shown here).About 80 minutes after firefighters were on the scene, this is how it looked.