‘Tis the season for political sign snatchers

by Peter Jakey–Managing Editor
The Presque Isle County Sheriff’s Department is seeking information on an individual who stole political signs in the Huron Beach area, Oct. 10.
It should not be difficult to find the culprit since the homeowner with the sign got a solid description of the vehicle.

The subject was driving a black Mustang convertible with the top up when the driver stopped at a residence along U.S.-23 North.
“The homeowner went outside and noticed a car slowing down. He thought it was the mailman and he started walking out towards the road and removed a couple of Donald Trump signs,” said Sgt. John Kasuba. “He went further up U.S.-23 and took another sign before heading southbound.”
Plates were described as a personal plate.
There are no suspects at this time, said Kasuba. Anyone with information regarding the individual is urged to contact the sheriff’s department at 989-734-2156.
It’s a common crime this time of the year, but thieves beware there are a lot of tools out there that make it easy to catch you red handed.
Homeowners can conduct their own surveillance with handy trail cams that take photos of anything that moves.
They are used mostly to see what’s out there when human eyes are not around. Some do not even need a flash and can record quality images from more than 50 feet away.
A few years ago, a sign thief was recorded on a trail cam and ended up in front of a district judge.
There was a report over the weekend in the same area, plus another in the southern part of the county.
However, Huron Beach/Bearinger Township, a haven for retirees, has been a problem area in recent years during election years.
“We have been fortunate to catch them,” said Kasuba, of the recent sign thieves.
He said some are using trail cameras, but others are putting strings on the signs with bells inside the home.
“Some have gone to great lengths,” said Kasuba.
In the incident from Oct. 10, a detailed description will probably lead to a knock on a door from a deputy.
Until, Nov. 8, sign snatchers will be on the prowl. The only question is – how many can be caught?