Lion King Jr. cast prepares for opening night in Rogers City

Cast of Lion King, Jr. (Photo by Richard Lamb)
Cast of Lion King, Jr. (Photo by Richard Lamb)

The jungle of Africa is coming to Rogers City this weekend courtesy of the Rogers City Community Theatre’s (RCCT) youth theatre summer production “Lion King, Jr.”

Productions are Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m. at the Rogers City Theater.

Theresa Gibson directs the cast of 21 who have been

working on the play since auditions June 25.

“Things are looking very well. I am always amazed at the talent we can put on the stage. These kids are absolutely incredible,” Gibson said.

Cast members include Aiden Monroe as Rafiki, Hannah Meharg as Mufasa, Bella Whitford as Sarabi, Chloe Schultz as Scar, Lexia Haske as Zazu, Elly Berryman as young Simba, Sydney Tulgestke as adult Simba, Natalie Crawford as young Nala, Izabelle Loughran as adult Nala, Nora LaLonde as Sarafina, Amelia Pritchard as Timon, Brooke Crawford as Pumbaa, Hope Coolman as Banzai, Olivia Reyes as Shenzi, Keri Coolman as Ed.

The ensemble includes: Emerson Kleiber, Taylor Hefele, Jordyn Hefele, Blair Muckle, Emma Getzmeyer-Ruppert and Gabbi Haske.