State reports 543 new COVID-19 cases Thursday


The four counties in District Health Department NO. 4 (DHD4) have released the latest figures for cases of the novel coronavirus. As of July 1, 149 total cases have been tracked by the DHD4 with 109 cases in Alpena, 22 in Cheboygan, 13 in Presque Isle County and five in Montmorency counties.

There are currently 18 probably cases and 14 total deaths reported. Nine of the deaths came to males while five were female victims of the disease. Alpena reported 12 deaths while Cheboygan had 2.  

A total of 64 people over the age of 70 contracted the virus with 45 ages 18-49, and 39 aged 50-69 were reported to have the virus.

Cases by gender revealed 89 cases were reported to be female and 60 were male.

Probable cases of COVID-19 are defined as individuals who have been directly linked epidemiologically to a confirmed case and have symptoms consistent with COVID-19, but who were not tested.  Given that a positive COVID-19 test result would not change the measures taken by public health, since a probable COVID-19 case would already be quarantined when symptoms appear, these cases are labeled as probable instead of confirmed.2820-cases-chart

Probable cases are treated as if they were a positive laboratory confirmed case and the actions taken are the same as for a c

onfirmed case.  This includes: self-isolation, active contact tracing and daily follow-up by DHD4 communicable disease team.

Statewide, 543 new confirmed cases were announced July 2, which is the highest number of confirmed cases since the state’s stay-at-home order was lifted.

The five Michigan counties with the most confirmed cases are:

  1. Wayne County: 22,047 cases (2,608 deaths)
  2. Oakland County: 8,980 cases (1,049 deaths)
  3. Macomb County: 7,228 cases (880 deaths)
  4. Kent County: 4,640 cases (132 deaths)
  5. Oakland County: 3,128 cases (42 deaths)