Posenites mess with Sasquatch

by Peter Jakey–Managing Editor

It is OK to mess with Sasquatch in Posen.

It’s not that way on television. In the popular “messin with Sasquatch” commercials people snap towels and throw snakes at Sasquatch or bigfoot, whatever you want to call the folklore legend, and usually with dire consequences.

It’s been a different story for Randy Shultz who put up an 8-foot wooden cutout of a bigfoot silhouette at his mother-in-law Kathy Kieliszewski’s home a few miles east of the village limits. Randy and his wife Lynn are between homes and are staying there for a time.

Bigfoot has been trending in a positive way.

“I did it just to have some fun,” said Randy.

AN 8-FOOT bigfoot silhouette was recently put up in front of a home east of Posen. Here, Lynn Shultz and her dog Sadie pose with the wooden cutout. Sadie is digging up a pack of jerky that someo

In turn, people have been having fun. Someone put a scarf around Sasquatch’s neck, while another person came along and tied a Dunkin’ Donuts bag around the wrist two weeks ago. The neighbors might have done it, but nobody has come forward to admit it.

There also have been jerky packages found at Mr. Foot’s feet.

“I did it as therapy after my heart attack,” said Randy. “My brother and I made two out at North Point Shores Road (Alpena.)”

They worked on it for the better part of the day and put five coats of enamel on it so it would hold up in the elements.

When completed, Sasquatch had arrived in northeast Michigan.

“What has been fun is moving him around because the school bus stops right here (along East 634 Highway),” Randy said, “So the kids get a kick out of seeing him move around. I did not realize how many of the adults were doing the same.” Four or five vehicles stop alongside the road to take pictures.

Randy likes to move the cut out creature to different locations on the property.

“Where will he be next?” asked Randy’s wife

Lynn. Other Posenites have offered to put it on their property, so this could get interesting.

Why Bigfoot?

“I like things that cannot be explained,” said Randy.  He also watched the “Animal Planet” show, “Finding Big foot.” “Not that I am an avid believer, but it is fun. It’s an escape from reality – and with the woods around here, who knows?” There’s also something about aliens that intrigues him.

Randy’s next big idea is to create a bear silhouette and connect the two cutouts with a real chain to make it look like bigfoot has a pet and they are out enjoying a walk.

“It’s just fun to break the monotony of winter,” added Randy.