Heidemann joins Advance staff as writer

Some folks have a difficult time managing retirement, and Mary Ann Heidemann is one of them.  After stepping down from university teaching in 2016, Heidemann came home to sit on her porch and look out at Lake Huron. A short three months later, she got restless, taking a half-time job conducting site inspections for the Environmental Protection Agency’s Chicago regional office.
Fast forward three years, Heidemann had finished up all the inspection work in a 10-county region of northeast Michigan, and was planning to get right back on the porch. That’s when she saw a part-time staff writer position advertised in the Advance, and the rest is… adventure.
“I’ve never been a reporter before,” said Heidemann, “but I like to write, and I’m one of those odd ducks who actually enjoy attending community meetings to find out what’s going on. I’m hoping that my past experiences as a community planner, teacher and environmental administrator give me a decent background for the work.”
Heidemann’s beat will include city council and commission meetings in Onaway and Rogers City, school board meetings across the county, court reporting, sheriff and police news, economic development stories and periodic features.
“My weakness is sports, so (publisher) Richard Lamb and (managing editor) Pete Jakey will continue those assignments. But I love covering the outdoors and natural resource news, as well as local history. Plus there is always plenty going on in our area with community organizations and projects. I don’t anticipate any shortage of local topics to write about,” said Heidemann.
Lamb is pleased to have Heidemann on the staff that also includes advertising sales manager Cella Bade, composition manager Shari Fleming, classified ad manager Riconda Lamb and business manager Ann Przybyla.
“Mary Ann brings a wealth of experience and a wide range of interests to the position. We are pleased to have her join our staff,” Richard Lamb said.
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Heidemann  may be reached at (989) 734-2105 or maryann@piadvance.com.