Boat races bring excitement to Grand Lake

2321-Boat-races-1There were 73 entries in the 2021 Fireside 500 on Grand Lake.

Entries were very close to the same as 2019 and there were many comments from competitors about the beauty of the area and the hospitality of the Fireside Inn.

The 500 refers to the total miles ran by all classes over two days with marathon and short course. 

Each day starts with the marathon race that is run by all classes in the runabout division.

Boats left the beach by Le Mans start from the Fireside Inn and traveled north to Crescent Island then continuing north to the beach house around a must make buoy then around Grand Island back to the Fireside Inn, a total of four laps each day on the 9.6-mile course.

The rest of the day is short-course racing f

or hydroplanes and runabouts. It’s a 1-mile course consisting of three laps on a flying clock start. On Sunday, everything is repeated.  

“Events in our area add economic value to all aspects of our community, from the gas stations, grocery stores, to the real estate market when visitors see what we have to offer in Presque Isle,” said joint chairman David Kowalski.

 Kowalski commended the Top O’Michigan Outboard Racing Club, Presque Isle Yacht Club, East Grand Lake Fire Department, Presque Isle Sheriff’s Department and the Fireside Inn.

“Without their support this event would have never happened,” said Kowalski. “Looking forward to 2022.”