Improvements and updates certain to draw raves at RC schools

by Peter Jakey

Managing Editor

Rogers City Area Schools students are in for some eye-opening surprises when the doors open up for the 2021-2022 school year. 

At the elementary school, it will be the bright new look in the classrooms and hallways with the removal of the old carpeting throughout the building. 

“There is a surprise or two for everybody with what they are going to do with the hallway floor. It definitely will be quite unique,” said Kowalski, who added that the new flooring, “just lightens your mood the second you walk in the hallway and then you wonder what your mood used to be. 

“It is very nice and they are moving right along. Jeff Bruning (Rogers City Home Furnishings) is very meticulous at his job and we are very lucky to have him working on it.”

Over at the high school, it will be the library that students and staff rave about with new furnishings that bring about a college atmosphere in a room that has not changed much in decades. 

Superintendent/principal Nick Hein brought the board of education up to date on the projects during the August regular meeting, as well as a few others that are changing the look of the facilities.

For Hein, presentation of the buildings is a high priority. If there is a mismatched chair, it has to go.

“It’s something I learned as a kid, but even if it is rusty, if you put a little paint on it, it looks good,” said Hein, during his monthly superintendent’s report. “If you were to walk into the high school library, I would promise you, you would not recognize that as the same room.”

All the science classrooms have been painted, as well as a few other classrooms.

“My goal is to have good color in all of the classrooms,” said Hein. “I’m sure everyone has had a chance to view the weight room now that it is finished. It makes a big difference in how the students view it and how they take care of it.”

New chairs are on the way for the commons area and the cafeteria is getting a facelift. 

“That’s going to go along with the tables and seating in there,” he said. “It will all be completed by the end of the school year. It’s looks tremendous. We are going to continue on with it next year and the year aft

er that.”

Hein indicated that something is going to need to be done with the outside of the building where painted is starting to peel again.

Back at the elementary building, new motion sensors for the toilets have been installed. “Those are long overdue,” said Kowalski. “The nurse’s station is being painted…and it is beautiful.” 

The playground also will have eight new basketball hoops on the east side of the building. 

Purchased from Dick’s Sporting Goods, Kowalski said they come with good reviews and can adjust anywhere from 7 1/2 to 10 feet.

“The old ones were rough,” added Hein.